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Final workshop

2-days workshop opened up to external researchers from outside the network including

  • Doctoral Student Symposium and
  • Final Symposium
    The PhenoRat fellows organized a symposium as part of the Measuring Behaviour Conference 2016. More Information
  • The final meeting will be held on 03 October 2016 in Wageningen, the Netherlands

Neurodegenerative disorders are the Europe’s largest health care challenge of our century. A focused, intersectoral pooling of all competences available in the field is needed to overcome this societal challenge. It is the objective of Moving Beyond to fulfil the demand for well-educated personnel addressing the needs of both the private and the public sector, and therefore to be fully prepared to meet the increasing demands of the European (scientific) labour market. To achieve this, fellows will not only be trained in a real inter- sectoral, but also inter-disciplinary (scientists, engineers) environment, bringing together a wide range of assessments (from genetics and molecular biology, via behavioural assessment to programming and data analysis). In addition, attention will be paid to entrepreneurial skills and the management of innovation, product development and marketing.

Local Training

PhD project

The scientific training of PhenoRat will educate the fellows in their specific field of study including the necessary methods and techniques to carry out their research. The complementary spectrum of methods and techniques available in the two partners also provides the basis for a successful intersectorial project:

P1: Phenotypic assessment of fine motor, cognitive and emotional disturbances in a transgenic rat model for Spinocerebellar Ataxia 17

P2: Fine motor, impulsivity and social behavior in a transgenic rat model for Huntington Disease (HD)

P3: New Technology for Tracking and Analysis of Rats in Social Behavior

P4: New methods, algorithms and software tools for the analysis of rodent social behavior

Supervision, monitoring and assessment
Name PI Second Mentor Academic Supervisor
Elisavet Kyriakou Hoa Nguyen (Turbingen) Johanneke van der Harst
(Delta Phenomics)
Judith Homberg (Nijmegen)
Giuseppe Manfré Hoa Nguyen (Turbingen) Johanneke van der Harst
(Delta Phenomics)
Judith Homberg (Nijmegen)
David Williamson Elsbeth van Dam (Noldus) Hoa Nguyen (Tübingen) Remco Feldkamp (Utrecht University)
Malte Lorbach Elsbeth van Dam (Noldus) Hoa Nguyen (Tübingen) Remco Feldkamp (Utrecht University)
Structured doctoral training

All fellows are integrated in structured doctoral programs, either in Tuebingen or Utrecht according to the focus of their project:

Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Universiteit Utrecht

Graduate Training Center of Neuroscience, Tuebingen

Mutual access to local training programmes

The fellows have continuous information and access to many excellent training courses offered locally by the PhenoRat partners both in Tuebingen and Utrecht.

Personal Development plan

PhenoRat wants the fellows to actively plan their own development, based on their needs, interests and aspirations. Therefore, each fellow has set-up a Personal Development Plan tailored to the individual requirements.

Network-wide training


Innovative approaches to overcome the burden of neurodegenerative diseases require strong collaboration between partners of all sectors. Young researchers performing their PhD project equally in both sectors, will incorporate this way of thinking and working, and will easily inherit the lived spirit in their upcoming careers. Each PhenoRat fellow pursues a research project at one of the participating partners, long-lasting secondments to the other partner (as a matter of fact from the other sector) form an integral part of the research projects.

Training weeks

The scientific in-depth training will be complemented by broad-spectrum training in the form of training weeks. These training weeks reflect directly bothe the work package structure and the focus on exposure to the private secotra. Complementary skill classes are integrated in the training weeks.

Training week 1: From animal models to patient bedside
Complementary skills: Career development, Effective Scientific Presentations
21-27 October, 2013
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Organised together with the Initial Training Network Moving Beyond

Training week 2: Phenotyping: methods and tools
Combined with the Measuring Behaviour Conference
Complementary skills: Welfare as a parameter, research ethics
26 August – 01 September, 2014
Wageningen, the Netherlands:
The Measuring Behaviour Conference
Conference proceedings

Summer School: Translational Research
Complementary skills: Grant Writing
30 August – 02 September, 2015
Crete, Greece:
Organised together with the Initial Training Network Moving Beyond

Training week 3: Entrepreneurship in and outside science
14 – 17 December, 2015
Wageningen, the Netherlands

General meetings

Kick-off meeting:
28 October 2013
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Annual meeting 1:
28 August 2014
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Mid-term review meeting
23 September 2014
Tuebingen, Germany

Annual meeting 2:
18 December 2015
Wagening, the Netherlands